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Private Facebook Group

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Benefits Of Joining Our Community:

  • Support: There is nothing like being at an event and running into an issue that only another photo booth owner can help with. We will be there to assist each other!
  • Honest Feedback: Sometimes we need to know what we're doing wrong and what we're doing right. This group is all about helping each other reach our business goals!
  • Increasing leads: Sometimes I get so many bookings I can't handle them all, or they're out of my service area. I'm sure others can relate. We can pass these bookings on to each other.
  • Monthly Live Tutorials: Once monthly there will be a live tutorial on different aspects of the photo booth business: Overlay Creation, Using Animation, Experience Enhancement, etc.
  • Monthly Group Coaching/ Live Q & A: There will be a zoom call once monthly where we will meet to discuss things that are important in our businesses.
  • Guest Speakers: From time to time we will have guest speakers come in to discuss the photo booth business and business in general.
  • No Commitment: If you join and realize the group is not for you, you can cancel with no judgement! One-Time purchases are charged once. Subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis until canceled by the customer.