About The Biz Hive

 The Biz Hive, formerly called The Pretty Grind, is a place where people go to learn how to form creative businesses and enhance their marketing knowledge. We pride ourselves on turning Hustles into Brands. Through the services we provide, you'll learn how to start the business you've been dreaming of, how to market like a pro, and how to make your brand a household name!

Meet The Founder


Hello! My name is Stefanie McDonald, also known as Your BFF Stef.  I create fun digital content for television and social media. I also teach entrepreneurs how to launch creative businesses through E-books, consultations, and video tutorials. I'm from Brooklyn New York, and I'm a mom to the best little boy I've ever met. I consider myself a Serial Entrepreneur, and I've been creating businesses since I was a kid. My first real business was a women's clothing boutique which I opened in Brooklyn in 2009. I opened that business all on my own,  with money from my office job at the time. I eventually closed it and made it strictly an online boutique. I then started to produce pop-up shops up and down the East-Coast. Gradually I realized that I prefer online businesses where I don't have to give too much physical time to the endeavor. Freeing up my time allows me to create and run more than one business. My passion has always been in media and entrepreneurship. I went to college for Broadcast Journalism, but I was always the person everyone would come to for business advice. As time went on, I found a way to merge both of those passions. I have a TV Show called Your BFF Stef where I feature and interview entrepreneurs who are doing what it takes to run their own businesses. Throughout the show I also refer my viewers to this site so they can learn how to start their own companies. So here we are. Welcome to The Biz Hive!

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You can find me on Instagram @Your.Bff.Stef